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Intelligent Leadership Group Coaching

8 Week Program – Weekly Sessions 

September 29th through November 17th 2022



>>John Mattone, World’s #1 Executive Leadership Coaching & Coaching Authority

>>Dr. Mike Smith, CEO & Former 1st Sargeant USAF Thunderbirds


Experience the power of Intelligent Leadership by immersing yourself in an 8-Week Group Coaching Journey with two Master Certified Executive Coaches.  The Intelligent Leadership method is internationally recognized and acclaimed for producing measurable performance improvement in leaders.  In just 8 weeks, you will:

  1. Learn the Roadmap to Leadership Success
  2. Ignite Self-Awareness of your Leadership Abilities and Strengths
  3. Experience Peer-to-Peer Learning for Maximum Growth
  4. Discover the Seven Secrets of Leading Others

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn and interact and fast-track your leadership success!

Program Costs:

  • Early Bird through 8/31 :  $1,950 per seat
  • After 8/31 :  $2,450 per seat
  • Group Rates available

IL Group Coaching Fact Sheet

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Event Details:  A unique opportunity to learn how to think and act differently as a leader in a VUCA (Volitale, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambigous) world and how you can become a role model of leadership for your organization and your team.  This 8-week series of workshops focuses on the key elements of leading others.  With a maximum of 10 participants, you’ll have opportunities to network other leaders that are committed to being their best, and you’ll have ample time to work and interact with the coaches themselves.

These interactive workshop will be led by two experienced executive leadership coaches, Kristi Hope and John Burt.

Kristi Hope

Born in San Diego, and raised primarily in Santa Barbara and Minneapolis, Kristi now calls Nashville home.  While growing up, her family moved a lot, and she continued that during her corporate career – she’s had more than 40 addresses in her life.

Kristi is an engineer and problem solver to her core but discovered early in her career that her calling is corporate strategic positioning and relationship development.  Kristi has had a variety of roles including engineering, program management, business development, strategic initiatives, change management, and customer relations and now a Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Coach; this variety has honed her skill at conflict resolution, risk mitigation, and finding silver linings.

She has worked for industry icons such as Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Textron, and Stanton Chase.  Kristi was “the first woman” many times over her career, but never let it intimidate her; instead, she feels a profound obligation to pay forward the lessons learned based on these experiences.  These experiences also drive Kristi’s passion for doing more than just talking about Diversity & Inclusion but actually making it a spectacular success by ensuring individuals bring the skills and both the individual and the company bring a positive attitude.


John Burt

A highly accomplished and respected leader, John has worked with hundreds of C-level and other executives from dozens of companies around the world.  He has helped these executives drive change leading to improvements in business results, company culture and individual performance through his extensive experience in management consulting.  John brings deep experience applicable to successful leadership, building and inspiring high performing teams and creating client value.

Over his 36-year career, he has served in an array of significant leadership roles in management consulting and in industry.  John’s teams have a strong track record of high performance, goal achievement and commitment to each other.

Most importantly, John is passionate about helping others achieve their ultimate potential and bringing abundance to their businesses, their teams and themselves.


IL Group Coaching Fact Sheet

Register for the Program using the QR Code