Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Driving the Change through Executive Coaching

As we emerge from the pandemic of the past two years, business leaders are facing an array of new challenges.  In 2021, a record 69 million workers resigned their jobs, and a remarkable 40% of the workforce are actively looking for new positions.  Reports show that employees are 10 times more likely to leave their current employer due to a “toxic” work environment than they are for better compensation.   It’s no wonder corporate HR departments express that competition for top talent has never been more difficult.  Employees are waking to their desire to work for organizations with authentic missions.   80% of employees report that want to work for companies that value diversity, equity and inclusion as a cornerstone to their businesses.  Business leaders face an imperative to act now to address these needs to attract and retain the best talent available.

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Many organizations are investing in executive coaching as an effective means to drive the necessary cultural change together with specific DEI initiatives that job seekers expect in any potential employer.  Below are some reasonable takeaways that demonstrate how executive coaching support can lead to a diverse and thriving organization.

Training Is Not Enough, DEI Is About Culture

For many organizations, their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion has been to increase their training programs.  Although also necessary, these countless workshops, seminars, panels, and webinars, have become a routine, and are simply not enough.  Company leaders looking to stay vigilant about their DEI efforts must do more to secure the best and brightest talent.  One of the key drivers of DEI is developing and maintaining a strong, healthy, and vibrant corporate culture.  Not just as it pertains to race and gender, but that everyone’s opinions are treated with equal respect and consideration.  In order to establish the right corporate culture, an executive leadership coach can effectively assess the current state and help direct a meaningful transition to the desired culture.

Growth & Advancement

DEI is about equal opportunity for growth and advancement for all employees.  Executive leadership coaches are beneficial in evaluating an organization’s career advancement and leadership development processes and programs.  After a comprehensive organizational review, they can assist in determining the proper job descriptions, as well as the roles and responsibilities that come with individual leadership positions.  Leadership coaches can help determine a revised organizational flowchart, revealing who reports to whom, while retaining an equitable playing field.   The creation of a transparent and open advancement policy, where all employees have an equal opportunity to succeed, will genuinely elevate an organization’s diversity and inclusion objectives.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Some organizations have a sincere desire to take their diversity and inclusion initiatives a step further to elevate their brand and create a competitive advantage.   They want to and include special incentives and programs designed to promote women, underrepresented groups, and the next generation of corporate leaders.  An executive coach with real business experience can help design, implement, and monitor an organization’s initiatives to meet this aim.  And since their experience is typically external in nature, companies will get the real benefit of innovative, outside-the-box thinking that reinforces the organization’s overall corporate culture.


Many efforts by organizations and leaders to-date have been insufficient and too passive in nature.  Executives today are beginning to recognize that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company is not just preferable to the alternative it is essential to their company’s operating performance.  With the guidance of an experienced executive leadership coach, organizations can take actionable steps to ensure that diversity and inclusion objectives are achieved.


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