Positive Mindset: A Key to Intelligent Leadership

Intelligent Leadership is built on a core tenet that an individual’s mindset, driven by their inner-core of character, values and beliefs, will influence their behaviors and determine their success as a leader.  A positive mindset is also a key ingredient to a healthy and vibrant culture, one that increases confidence and commitment, inspires employees and increases job satisfaction and engagement – all of which contribute to a more productive environment and ultimately leads to improved operational performance.

Leading from the Top

The #1 imperative for an executive leader in any organization is to inspire your team(s). In today’s complex and changing world, an executive leader’s ability to maintain a positive mindset will have a powerful impact on others as you strive to maintain a vibrant, inclusive, and open company culture. Positivity is contagious. Leaders who set the example from the top will see a similar attitude permeate the workforce. The impact of the leader’s positive mindset and role model behavior will have beneficial effects.

Increased Resilience

Positive thinking helps leaders and individual contributors to deal with the inevitable ups and downs that occur in organizations and life. Failures are reframed as opportunities to test, learn, and grow. Mistakes are forgiven if not encouraged knowing that taking risks and trying new ideas leads to innovation and progress. Positivity allows individuals and organizations to remain hopeful and deal with setbacks, recovering more quickly with confidence and conviction.

More Trust and Teamwork

Leaders who demonstrate a consistent level of positivity can naturally engender greater trust and collaboration amongst their employees, who tend not to need extra convincing to buy into the leader’s vision and plan for success. Positive people naturally attract others, and employees are more likely to adopt the positive attitude of their leadership. They are willing to be generous and accepting of their fellow employees. Individual contributors feel safe to take risks and express their ideas and opinions. Employees team-up on initiatives, form coalitions and go the extra mile, making it easy for an organization to follow this momentum as a team, ready to tackle problems together and find solutions.

Better Productivity

Executive leaders who exhibit the power of positivity in their organizations tend to have workforces eager to go above and beyond what’s necessary to get the job done. Positive people have the innate ability to motivate others, but those who rule by fear and suspicion rarely inspire greatness. At stake is the very productivity of workforces everywhere.

Increased Satisfaction and Engagement

It’s no surprise that a positive leader is much more inspiring and rewarding to work with. Positivity is contagious. Employees are more satisfied with their jobs and more engaged with their work. Recent studies show that a positive organizational culture is 10x more likely to lower employee attrition than other factors, and a is a key determinant in attracting top talent. Earning recognition as one of the best places to work has a lot to do with positivity. The individuals and organizations who’ve earned this prestigious recognition have intentionally and actively positioned positive leaders and inculcated positive thinking into their cultures.


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