Solving the Leadership Gap

As a management consultant, I had the privilege to sit across the table from some truly brilliant company executives.  I also had the honor of working with some of the best minds in the business world at IBM and PwC.  Although the intellectual capacity and brain power of those individuals  astounded me, something was missing.  In working with these executives, I realized that many of these leaders were failing to connect with their teams and peers.  They were shut-off and in many ways ineffective as leaders.

While most companies do a very good job of finding and cultivating their intellectual capital, there is a significant lack of strong leadership in nearly every industry and organization all over the world.  What does this tell us?  Simply, good leadership requires more than just intellectual power!

Key factors creating the leadership gap

Factors that have created the leadership gap and cause it to persist:

  1. Organizational strategies today put a premium on developing innovative new products and services, driving efficiencies, and in implementing fascinating new ways to collect information on their customers. Very few, however, include developing talent and leadership competencies.
  2. Companies hire for intellectual power and accomplishments assuming they can mold these individuals into leaders once they are on-board.
  3. Most companies have a long list of training and talent development priorities. Unfortunately, funds and time are limited, and they prioritize development of technical skills over “soft” skills.

Building new competencies

Closing the leadership gap requires leaders to build new competencies.  The skills and competencies that got these leaders noticed in the first place are no longer enough to carry them forward as effective leaders today.  Intelligent Leaders must tap into their inner-core and understand how their character, value and beliefs are presented in their leadership style, and what gifts and strengths they have as a leader and how to leverage these gifts and strengths ways that instills trust, commitment and compassion in all they do.

The four competencies that can close the leadership gap:

Have Intense Self Awareness

Understand your gifts and strengths you bring to the table as a leader.  Being intensely self-aware and understand your leadership style and how your character, value and beliefs impact how you lead.  Know your gaps and understanding how they can undermine your effectiveness as a leader.

Be Vulnerable –

Choose to be vulnerable and invite feedback from others.  Admit you don’t have all the answers and you value the ideas and impressions of others.  Open yourself up to the possibility of change.

Adopt a Duty Mindset –

Move from a mindset of entitlement to a mindset of duty.  See your work a part of a larger purpose, see yourself as part of a team with massive potential.  Work for a cause greater than one’s self and dedicating yourself to help others achieve a common goal.

Stay Present, Be Vigilant and Course Correct –

Stay present and in the moment.  Understand where you and your team are at any given moment on your journey.  Be ready to pivot and course correct based on events in real-time

Learning more

You can learn more about these competencies by watching my webinar:  Closing the Leadership Gap

I’m dedicated to growing leaders at all levels and in as many different organizations as possible.  I made it my mission to touch the hearts and minds of leaders and inspire them to be the leaders they can be and must become.  I genuinely believe that if we can develop better leaders, and close the leadership gap, the world would be an amazing place!

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